Kickapoo Coffee Article

From an excellent article I found about Kickapoo Coffee:

That’s how it began. Seven years later, Kickapoo Coffee is running on all cylinders, says Nicholes. “Caleb and I both moved here to get out of the city, looking for a certain lifestyle. We didn’t have huge expectations. We weren’t focused on growth or having a medium-sized company, which is what we’re turning into…nine of us here.

“We had some early successes and a very clear vision from the get-go, which helped us become relatively successful early with some impressive growth and we had to re-consider where we wanted to head with this,” Nichols says, summing it up. “As we saw we had more resources and could bring new people on the team, we were blessed with awesome folks who kept bringing new energy to us. We were a little surprised when it got to the size we thought would take 5-7 years in only three years.”

Read the article at The Wormhole Coffee Blog.

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