Colectivo Coffee

Colectivo Coffee

Alterra Coffee in Wisconsin has just renamed and rebranded their company! The new name is Colectivo Coffee and they have a new web site up at for your perusal.

There’s an important note in the announcement press release about the Alterra name and how it will be used elsewhere in the world. The announcement states:

The ALTERRA® brand is going global thanks to Mars Drinks, while we chose to stay local. Maintaining full control of our company and employees future was a priority in our deal with Mars. At the start of our relationship with Mars Drinks, we decided to change our name in exchange for the long-term investment opportunity this transaction provided. Mars now solely controls the ALTERRA® Coffee Roasters brand name while we strike a new independent path as COLECTIVO™.

So, basically Alterra is now a coffee-delivery service for your office.

You can see more examples of the packaging and art at Brand New.

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