Radio Milwaukee

Stone Creek Coffee has opened a new location on Barclay Street in Milwaukee. The new location is dubbed Radio Milwaukee. Cool name.

158 S. Barclay Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204

Here’s a schedule of events for our two day grand opening!

Friday, September 13
6 am – Open
10 am – Hand Brew demo
12 pm – Stone Creek Kitchen tasting
2 pm – Single Origin espresso class and tasting
6-10 pm – DJ Spin, beer and wine tasting

Saturday, September 14
6 am – Open
8-11 am – $1 Espresso & Milk drinks
12 pm – Stone Creek Kitchen Tasting
2 pm – Gesha coffee launch
6-10 pm – DJ Spin, beer and wine tasting

Stone Creek Coffee’s 10th cafe will be Milwaukee’s first and only manual brew bar cafe. Stone Creek Coffee plans to prepare every cup of coffee to order. Unlike other coffee cafes that brew and hold coffee in urns, Stone Creek baristas will prepare a selection of their fresh roasted coffees one cup at a time at the Brew Bar.

In addition to the brew bar, the Stone Creek cafe will also have an industry changing espresso program featuring the Modbar.

In addition to the brew bar and new Modbar, the new Stone Creek cafe will serve scratch-made food from the Stone Creek Kitchen, located a few blocks away.

The cafe will integrate into the Radio Milwaukee performance space via garage doors, allowing customers to hear and participate in live studio sets that will take place at Radio Milwaukee. The new cafe will also have an extensive outdoor patio where customers can sip their Stone Creek Coffee wile discovering new music from Radio Milwaukee.

Coffee Geeks Unite,

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