Steep & Brew in Wisconsin

Just received an email this morning from the owner of a Madison, WI based coffee company called Steep & Brew. Mark Gross, the owner, shared a brief history of his company and provided this invitation to readers to check out their coffee.


Steep & Brew was founded in 1979 by Mark Ballering as a place where people could gather to share good music, company, and conversation over coffee. The location was the living room of a home, and it was staffed by volunteers. After a couple years, Mark happened upon a beautiful 1890s Italian coffee roaster and began roasting coffee. Soon thereafter, Mark began traveling to coffee farms in Central America, developing friendships with coffee growers and their families, and learning the fine art of roasting coffee from the ground up.

Our quest for great coffee led us to develop our own precision roasting processes. A strict adherence to exceptional bean selection, high quality standards, and freshness has helped us to be considered among the industry’s top specialty coffee roasters, and our coffees frequently receive national recognition. Honored coffees include our Breakfast Blend, Kona Blend and Costa Rican.

To ensure that you only experience the freshest possible coffee, Steep & Brew delivers your coffee with our own trucks and drivers, direct to your grocery store, within days of roasting. It doesn’t go through distribution warehouses like other coffees, which can take many months to even reach a store shelf!

Although we no longer operate out of the living room of a home, we do still operate some of our original coffeehouses. And our memories of those comfortable living room conversations over coffee have evolved into our mission to help you make your home life more enjoyable through great coffee!

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