Coffee: The Greatest Addiction Ever

Why you shouldn’t feel guilty about that coffee addiction. Watch this video.

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Coffee of the Month

Stone Creek Coffee has a subscription service where you can subscribe to receive coffee every month. They send out 2 lbs per-month. Twelve-months costs $300.

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Mother’s Day Blend

coffee for mothers dayI’ve never seen anything like this before: A pound of coffee with crayons.

It “comes with a pack of crayons that your kids (or you!) can color on the label before giving it to Mom.” Very cool, and such a great idea. Available at Stone Creek Coffee.

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How to Make Pour-Over Coffee

Ever wondered about the specifics of making pour-over coffee using a Chemex brewer? Watch this video, and find out.

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French press: A how-to video

Sharing a video showing how simple it is to use a French press to make coffee.

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A documentary about coffee

Here’s an interesting video up on the group-invest site Kickstarter: Caffeinated.

Why do we drink coffee? In Caffeinated, filmmakers Hanh Nguyen and Vishal Solanki discover the triumph of coffee as a beverage and the role it plays as a social lubricant in the United States. Coffee is one of the highest selling commodities in the United States. It has become so much a part of our daily lives, that we cannot start a day without the perfect cup.

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Kickapoo Coffee Public Cupping

Kickapoo Coffee is hosting a public cupping at their roastery in Viroqua on Friday, April 27th at the Depot (305 Railroad Ave. Viroqua, WI).

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Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Stone Creek Coffee has just introduced a new Cold Brew Iced Coffee blend.

This year we have reinvented our Cold Brew Iced Coffee line for you.  While we still have our Original Cold Brew, super caffeine cravers get ready for Double Strength Cold Brew Iced Coffee; this tough as nails, double caffeinated cold brew is rich with chocolate and citrus notes that will coat your pallet like molasses!  Post Meridian coffee drinkers take note – we’ve decaf’ed our Cold Brew Iced Coffee so you can sip slowly on the way to any of Milwaukee’s evening outdoor spring and summer events.

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Home Brewing Methods Video

George Bregar, the head roaster at Alterra Coffee, shows us how to make coffee using three different methods:

  1. French press
  2. Chemex (Pourover)
  3. Siphon brewer

Alterra made this video in conjunction with

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Wisconsin baristas competing in 2012 BCRBC

There are a few baristas from Wisconsin competing in the Big Central Regional Barista Competition (all competitors) this weekend. Here is a quick list.

Isaiah Sheese
Anodyne Coffee Roasters
Total years working as a Barista: 7
Twitter: @anodynecoffee

Cody Kinart
Alterra Coffee Roasters
Total years working as a Barista: 9
Twitter: @meanlittleseed

Josh Wismans
Alterra Coffee Roasters
Total years working as a Barista: 4
Twitter: @joshwismans

Sam Brown
Alterra Coffee Roasters
Twitter: @alterracoffee

Scott Lucey
Alterra Coffee Roasters
Twitter: @scottlucey

George Bregar
Alterra Coffee Roasters
Twitter: @georgebregar

I’m really sorry if I’ve missed anyone! Let me know, by email or in the comments. I gathered this information online, as I was not at the event.

If you are interested in the BCRBC event, Sprudge has done a great job with summarizing the event in a series of posts.

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